HELP – I don’t have time to develop social media content!

You’re supposed to be the company’s social media guru – but you don’t have time to create daily content. Don’t fret – there are many content creators online to pull content from or to help you compile and organize content for future use. Here are just a few options – and they’re FREE.

  • – set up RSS feeds from your favorite blogs. Check Feedly for content your customers would love to read and share it on your social media pages. Be sure to tag the author to give them credit and create a backlink (increasing engagement!).

  • – instead of setting bookmarks and sending yourself an overwhelming number of emails to save for later, keep all your interesting images, articles, and videos in one place for easy reference and future use.

  • Twitter lists – set lists to organize the accounts you follow. Makes it easy to browse for content, and you can save articles from Twitter to Feedly.

  • Daily newsletters – sign up for relevant industry newsletters and browse for appropriate content to share. Again, don’t forget to tag the author!

Creating social media content doesn’t have to be a hand-wringing task. With a few simple tools, you can easily keep up the façade of the all-knowing, social media master.

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