Want free PR? Five tips to get your information published

Editors say they don’t have favorites … but they do. And here are five tips to become one of them.

  1. Look at the publication’s editorial calendar for topics you might address. Remember, many editors also create newsletter and website content, so send material for those, too. Customize your submission for the publication’s audience.

  2. See the “ad close date” on the editorial calendar? Contact the editor two to three months BEFORE that date if you’d like your content to be considered for a magazine article.

  3. Send the editor an email, but don’t make him or her dig to find the gold nugget. Be specific, skip the flowery prose and get to the point. Attach a Word doc with article content, along with a hi-res image or better yet, a short video.

  4. Once you send an email, resist the temptation to make a follow-up call to the editor as they’re working against many deadlines. They’ll contact you if they have questions.

  5. Make it turnkey for the editor. Send a complete “company-neutral” article that’s written for the editor’s audience …with images and videos. They love that.

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