Boost your email open rate

You probably get hundreds of emails each week. What makes YOU stop and open? Here are several best practices to increase the open rate of emails you send to a broad audience.

Sender: Ideally, this is a person’s name … but ONLY if recipients will recognize that name and you plan to use the name consistently for emails. The next best option is a brand name recipients will recognize.

Subject line: Aim for 50 characters or fewer, with the most important words first. The rest gets cut off in most email programs, especially on mobile devices which may display only 33 characters.

Start with action-oriented words, use numbers, pose a question, make an offer, promise change, offer a benefit or personalize it with their name. Don’t be so cute that you’re ignored, but have a little fun with the wording.

Avoid ALL CAPS or overuse of exclamation points!!! These are spam flags.

A:B test: Wondering which sender name/brand or subject line might make a difference on open rates? Request an A:B test of a sample. Then, use the winner for the remainder of the deployment.

Pre-header: This is a MUST HAVE! Think of it as a second subject line. It shows up in email preview mode and on mobile devices. The pre-header can be a little longer. If you’re stuck for content, use the email headline or part of the first sentence.

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