Retargeting - keep the conversation going

A customer looks at your website. They get what they need for that moment and leave your site. The interaction is over, right? It doesn’t have to be. Keep the conversation going through retargeting – a form of online advertising that targets consumers based on their previous internet actions.

In retargeting, cookies are added to the user’s computer when they visit a web page, which then allows an advertiser to market to that same user elsewhere on the internet using what’s called an ad exchange. Using a combination of traditional banner ads and retargeting is more effective than just running traditional banner ads on a website alone.

Some benefits of retargeting:

  1. Cost effective – less expensive compared to other forms of advertising

  2. Targeted – it is specifically targeting interested audiences

  3. Promotes branding – increases brand recall

Many companies find retargeting’s conversion rates and lower costs improve their ROI.

Did you know that AC Business Media offers retargeting programs? Contact us today to find out how retargeting will generate valuable leads for your company.

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