Rules for unbelievable email etiquette

Do you open your email every day in fear it will explode with 357 unread messages? You’re not alone. Because email is such a convenient tool for communication, it is often misused. From one word responses and misused ‘reply all’ to buried key topic points, don’t fall victim to poor email etiquette.

So, hold up your right hand and solemnly swear to abide by these unspoken commandments from a recent Forbes article by Tim Maurer.

  • Thou shalt limit the body of your email to five sentences. Get right to the point so that you receive a right-to-the-point response.

  • Thou shalt not write anything in an email you wouldn’t want to be on the front page of The New York Times. If you wouldn’t want your whole company to read it, then you probably shouldn’t send it.

  • Thou shalt minimize the number of topics, questions or themes to as few as possible. If you ask only one question, you are far more likely to get that question answered.

  • Thou shalt not forward lengthy email exchanges to a new audience with the direction, “See below.” Summarize the previous emails, then ask your questions.

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