Make your business a success in 2018

Haven’t set your business goals for 2018 yet? It’s not too late. Here are 5 goal-setting tips from David Peck, Goodstone Group Executive Coach, who advises you to keep your goals real, simple and achievable.

  1. Bottom-up and top-down. No one employee has all the answers, so identify your business goals, and ask the people reporting to you to do the same, and so on down through the company, until everyone in the organization has completed the exercise.

  2. Clean out your blind spots. Find the blind spots that can lead your organization or group astray, so you can clean them out and chart a clear course forward.

  3. Lessons learned this year to incorporate into next year. The start of the year is the perfect opportunity for a business to evaluate its performance and adjust course.

  4. Make goals relevant to your bigger picture. Once you’ve identified your goals for 2018, ask yourself: "How aligned are these goals — and our people — with our organization’s business plan and three-year strategic priorities? With its larger mission and vision?" This is a good opportunity to check your direction before plunging into the new year.

  5. Communicate! Decide the best way to package your goals, and then communicate them throughout your organization to ensure everyone is crystal clear on the goals you’ve worked so hard to design.

Peck closes the article by saying not to settle on goals that are simply “doable”. Instead, use his tips to choose the best 3-5 goals that will really matter.

For detailed questions/guidelines to help you implement the 5 goal-setting tips above, read his full article in the Huffington Post.

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