Building Your Brand Through Instagram

Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular channel for businesses to build their brand. Are you currently marketing through Instagram, and if you so, are you doing it effectively?

Building a solid brand identity through Instagram can help increase awareness and thereby increase your customer base, or even push the occasional customer to become a regular. However, it takes planning and the “3 C’s” for your efforts to be effective.

  • Consistent messaging

  • Consistent visuals

  • Consistent posting

Messaging should always reinforce your brand, and your posts should have a similar visual feel including style, filters, fonts and color palettes. However, equally important is timing of your posts – strive to post on a consistent schedule, including number of times per day or week to post and the time of day you post.

An effectively-crafted Instagram program gives your followers something to look forward to, gives you more content to share on your other social media platforms and will help your brand shine.

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